Hello! I am Rachel Tamilio and Creative By Design RT the  Digital Marketing Agency that owns and maintains this website. In addition to helping businesses and organizations with their marketing needs, I am a Certified Coach, with a Masters Practitioner Certification in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). You may learn more about who I am, the services I provide and if any of them would be good options for you at my website. Click here for more:

Lean into your potential and purpose

Discover the values, beliefs and rules that may be holding you back.


Need a non judgmental place where you can open up about your goals, dreams, and the things that may be blocking your path? Empathy combined with powerful questions can make all of the difference!


Life happens. We can just "go with the flow" or we can do our best to choose what we allow in and when. 

Short term program

Unlike therapy, coaching is designed to get you where you’re going faster. In just a few sessions, you can achieve amazing results.

Minimum 3 month commitment

Invest in your future, improve your now.

Tailored to your self-development goals

Coaching is not one size fits all. It's not even right for everyone, but if you want to discuss the possibility of working together, contact me.

Are You Ready
to BLAZE Your Trail?

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I run a mini-blog on Telegram, the free app. I publish posts that are empowering and inspiring. Please feel free to join me there! This is my channel:

Rachel Tamilio

Transformational Coach

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