Hello Friends,

This past year we have had numerous challenges that resulted in big changes in our personal lives and the operation of our ministry.

Our first big challenge was my wife Ellen being diagnosed with  a long-term illness.  Thank you so much for your letters, cards, calls and prayer support.  It has meant so much to us to know you are all praying.  Ellen is a fighter.   The doctors all agree and marvel at her grace to endure this illness.  Ellen is such an inspiration to me personally and all who know her.  She blows us all away with her faith and trust in God.  Please and thank you for your continued prayers for her and us as we wait on God for wisdom and strength to see this through.  We are keeping you close at heart and in our prayers also.

Our second big challenge was realizing and accepting that our personal needs have changed and required  finding a new living space as well as a new office space.

Hey Bill, what do you think of this sleek new office?

Hey Bill, what do you think of this sleek new office?

Our third big challenge was unpacking but with the help of our staff, we got everything connected and done in 3 weeks.

After unpacking we began the process of trying to catch up with all of your written requests for the radio offers.  Thank you for your patience.  By God’s grace, we hope to be all caught up by mid December in time for you to receive our Christmas mailing.

Please continue to keep in touch via mail:  P.O. Box 2003, Woburn, MA  018888-0003

or call: (781) 932-6222 or 800-654-4774

or Email:  host@agmradio.net

Thank you all for your friendship, love and support of the Selah radio broadcast and Amazing Grace Ministry.  You are loved.

Pastor Frank


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